Coaching Plans

We’re here to help you be the best rider you can be.

Our tailored coaching plans depend on one thing : What kind of rider are you?

So what kind of rider are you?

  • I compete, or want to, often. Performance improvements are important for me. I need detailed plans and feedback with frequent re-testing to gauge my progress.

Welcome to our 1st Category

  • I’m pretty serious about this and have cycling goals that are important to me. I’m willing to put time and money into improving and I’d like a detailed, monthly schedule that will change with my circumstances. I’d like feedback for each month of training either by phone or email.

We think our 2nd Category is right for you.

  • I’m keen but time-pressed. I don’t need a precise, daily schedule but an overall guide over, say, the next 3 months would be good. I’d like to do a DIY field test* so that I can see which training zones I should be using. My one-off, 3 month plan would be based on that.

Then our 3rd Category option would suit you best.

Requirement 3rd Category 2nd Category 1st Category
Consultation, phone, email or in house YES YES YES
Overall guide: equipment, nutrition, general preparation YES YES YES
Hands-on, basics coaching session
TESTING DIY field test analysis & zone setting YES YES YES
TESTING Power Profile test, analysis of DIY YES YES
TESTING Ramp & Aerobic fitness In House** EXTRA YES
Feedback Monthly YES YES
Feedback Fortnightly YES
Feedback Weekly YES
Quarterly re-testing EXTRA EXTRA YES
Monthly re-testing EXTRA EXTRA
Annual plan update YES YES
Quarterly plan update X 1 YES YES
Monthly plan update YES YES
Fortnightly Plan Update YES
Weekly plan update YES
£20 Set Up Fee for consultation, field test analysis, zone setting and Training Peaks account.
£45.00 £70.00 £80.00
Minimum Term 3 months 3 months
Plan / Payment schedule 6 Week plan Monthly Monthly
One-offs Price
Consultation: phone, email, general advice. £0.00
Analysis of DIY field test £25.00

Sorry, We Are No Longer Taking on Clients!

But you can download our Ultimate Sportive Training Plan.

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*The field test is a 20 minute, full-on effort, on a non-stop, flat route. It requires that you have a heart rate monitor with lap timers and the ability to record average heart rates, or better yet a power meter – you’re welcome to get in touch for more details.