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We know you like your riding – we do too. Like you, we’re not pro riders but that doesn’t stop us aiming higher.You might not be the next Chris Froome (you might not know who that is) but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to be a little faster up the hills, better prepared for your next sportive, a little quicker in a time trial. Or you might simply want to be a better rider. We understand: we’ve been there, done it, quite possibly out doing it now.


In all honesty if you’re looking to move up through the Elite ranks, get your first pro contract, we may not be for you (but we can point you in the right direction).What we do is grounded in evidence-based sports science and the very best cycle coaching practices, added to a hefty dollop of experience just like yours. Starting with what your goals and current abilities are we’ll arrive at a plan that fits in with your lifestyle and will make you a better rider.


Yes, we can do day-by-day plans with power outputs and heart rate zones but we can also suggest how many hours your longest ride should be and how hard that should feel. Weekly plans, monthly plans, quarterly – whatever you need in as much detail as required. Sportives, mountain bike races, time trials, charity rides, road races, dropping your friends on the climbs: we can help you get the most from you and your bike.You think you could be better. We know you can. Get in touch now, even if it’s just for a chat and some free advice. No commitment required, no hard sell, we want to encourage you to get the best out of your riding.